Oct 18, 2014

Unspoken – Meeting House Square

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‘Unknown Distance’  by Irish post punk legend Stano features some of his finest work to date. Songs are by turns dynamic and reflective, propelled by stunning musicianship and perfectly textured arrangements. Yet unusually for such a cerebral work, ‘Unknown Distance’ still manages to retain a sense of playfulness; heart and head in harmony.

As ever with Stano, each song is the result of intensive collaboration. Regular players such as artist/guitarist Donald Teskey, cellist Kevin Murphy and pianist Conor Linehan infuse the arrangements with their own unique playing style. Yet the dynamics, texture and tone are unmistakably Stano. A renowned visual artist, Stano’s method of production echoes that of his paintings, with songs assembled from a palette of sounds, like paint applied to a canvas.

Unknown Distance could be the soundtrack for an imaginary existential thriller. A noirish trip through dim neon lit side streets, bristling with electric energy, peopled with lost souls, where the first cut is always the deepest. This is Stano bringing us on a trip through the contours of his mind – destination undetermined, distance unknown.

Tracks like ‘Marley Stipe‘, ‘Families That Walk Around Town‘ and ‘Unspoken‘ demonstrate that Stano’s unique gifts continue to develop and that 30 years after his debut he remains one of our most compelling and innovative artists.