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Stano's iconic 1983 debut album 'Content to write in I dine weathercraft', re-released on vinyl through All City Records Get the Album Read the Review on The Quietus
Oct 11, 2012
Wreckage Reviews

ALTERNATIVE+PRESS of October ’94 By Dave Segal The Western world is lousy with bands meshing industrial guitar damage with dance beats. Maybe five percent are worth the aluminium on which they’re pressed. In this genre, lreland has produced Therapy? but by their third album they’ve drastically blanded out and…

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The revolutionary Threats’ synths-player was always challenging in the creatively-loaded, dangerous early 1980s by Michael Mary Murphy   Stano, punk, polyglot   Brief Background Stano’s first musical expressions exploded in the embryonic mayhem of Dublin’s punk movement. No other musician from that era has produced the range, quality and…

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