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Irish artist Stano has been a recording artist and composer since the early ‘80’s. With 16 albums (released on Berlin label ‘Dossier’, Independent labels ‘Scoff’, ‘Food Records’ London, ‘Egg Records’ Greece, ‘Hue’ and ‘Loscann’ and the debut album for U2’s Mother Records), numerous singles and film soundtracks to his credit. He is regarded as a true innovator, with an intense understanding of sonic structure and always ahead of his time.

Stano has a unique take on music production, he collaborates with musicians from all genres. His music is a hybrid of musical styles so if you’re looking for originality, Stano’s music has it all, beautiful melodies, powerful rhythms, other worldly layers and textures and extremely visual.

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Stano’s paintings have been described as a visual representation of his music, detailed, layered and textured. Aged 18 he began to paint oil on wood, he was an apprentice cabinet maker at the time and used the offcuts of wood to create sculptures and paintings.

His first exhibition was in the Project Arts Centre, Dublin in 1982 which coincided with the release of his first solo single ‘Room’. The visual side of his performances utilised backing tracks, film (Buñuel and Dali) and performance art.

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