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Nothing comes from nothing, except everything
A Seagull that flew into another world
Dream Like Silence
Content to Write in I Dine Weathercraft
In Between Silence, where we really exist
Orchestral Works
Unknown Distance
Memory Distorts a Life
Blind Sound
Reverse Presence
Daphne will be Born Again
Seducing Decadence in Morning Treecrash

One of the major distinguishing features of avant-garde music, was, and still is, in its approach to creativity. A self confessed ‘non-musician’, Stano has completely shunned historical achievements in any musical form, opting instead for a naive working method that formulates sound out of an organic framework. Most people if they were to attempt something like this would end up with a selection of indiscriminate noise works of unbearably low quality, but Stano’s intuitive grass of sonic architecture has resulted in possibly the most individual hybrid of rock, experimental and electronic music ever to come out of Ireland…
Extract: Irish Rock: Roots, Personalities, Directions – Mark Prendergast 1987